Yoder's Prairie Acres
Big Prairie, Ohio
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Yoder's Prairie Acres Gallery
A Very Nice {S A V 8180 Traveler 004} Daughter out of a {Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C} Dam with Her Super Nice {RWG Traction 7412} Heifer Calf!!!
This is {MS PRISSY 2184Z ET} with her 2017 {Post Rock Power Built 37B8} Heifer Calf {YPA MISS PRISSY WILMA 71E} At two month old. The picture above her is another Power Built Heifer Calf 67E along with two Decade Heifer Calves 61E and 62E. 65E is a Decade Twin Bull Calf with the red calf  behind him. 66E is a TV Sam Son.
The above two pictures are Yearling Heifers from 2016. Then are Daughters of VRT LAZY TV WATCHMAN W021, VRT LAZY TV SAM U451, RWG TRACTION 7412, HAD THE JUDGE, CTR SANDHILLS 0065X, YPA ROYAL TRACTION 3B and HYEK BLACK IMPACT 3960N