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Yoder's Prairie Acres - Foundation Females
Her sire is BFCK CHEROKEE CNYN 4912  and her dam is a FREEDOM daughter. "A SUPER NICE FEMALE" bred to 18B a Traction Son. She is for sale.  SOLD THANKS Chris!!!!
"A SUPER NICE "BLACK IMPULSE' daughter with twin heifer calves out of  Our New Herd Sire 3B Bred to YPA Royal Traction 3B for 2018 calving.
CIBS TWO STEP MS TENDERNESS AMGV1144163 Bred 06/02/2016 Decade
A VERY NICE Balancer Female out of TENDERLOIN N407 with Excellent EPD's.
{SOLD Thanks Victor & Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!}
HAF LASSIE 909 OF 192 AMAN 16402627
A Very Nice Bextor Daughter with A Super Nice udder and Disposition Bred to Our Herd Sire 3B. 
Sold Thanks to the Millers
Three VERY NICE WARDON DAUGHTERS They are all 50% Balancers. Bred for 2015 Spring Calving. The Two on the let are bred to {TV WATCHMAN} and the One on the right 81A is bred to {SECRET POWER} on May 31th 2017.and we are Offering Her for Sale!!
SOLD THANKS Chris!!!!!!
YPA TOOSTIE GOOD LADY -- AMGV1241213   A Super Nice {715T} Daughter out of a {BLACK IMPULSE} Dam. Bred  to {T.V. SAM}for a Mar. 2016  calf. She is Very Docile and Well made Female and we are looking forward to her first calf. 
{NOTICE}She has a T.V. Sam Heifer calf at side and was AI to Foster 06/02/2016 then put in with YPA Royal Traction 3B for 2017 calving!!!. She will be For Sale after we wean her calf.   SOLD THANKS Chris!!!!!!!
VER MS PRISSY 2184Z ET -- AMGV1218756   A SUPER NICE {LEACHMAN SAUGAHATCHEE 3000C} Daughter. Her Dam is the Great {MISS PLD PRISSY TWO 252G} Cow. Her Full Flush ET Sister has done Very Well in the Show Ring for {LeDoux Ranch}.
The picture below this is Her with her 2017 Heifer Calf out of {Post Rock Power Built} This cow is A Super Mom and Weans a Nice Calf Ever Time !!!!!!  Her first three were Bull Calves and all are Herd Sire's!!!!!!!!!! 
JBV TABITHA 115Y  NPF1983239  A SUPER NICE [LIMOUSIN] That we bought at the Iowa Beef Expose in 2012  She is Bred to {THE JUDGE} for 2016 calving !!!!!!  {NOTICE} She had a Heifer Calf !!!!       Bred 06/17/2016 to {ASTRO}   She had another Heifer Calf !!!!!!!           {NOTICE bred 06/16/2017 to YPA Royal Traction 3B and we are OFFERING HER & her Bull Calf for Sale} 
YPA MATRICA BLACKY 5B  AMGV1275512   A Very Nice {RWG Traction 7412}  Daughter that has Black Impact and Tenderloin on the Dam side. Pictured with her {TV Sam} Heifer calf from 2016 and she has a {TV Sam} again this year.  A Good Udder and Disposition on the Female!!!!! {Bred 06/13/2017 to Profit Producer for 2018 calving Has A Bull Calf we are Offering Her for Sale}
Here Is The "GREAT" Tootsie Cow. She Is One "SUPER MOMMA " Having raised three sets of Twins {PICTURED BELOW ARE HER  2016 HEIFER CALVES out of  YPA ROYAL TRACTION 3B !!!!!!!!!!!   We are breeding these girls to {2020 MR AT EASE 510C} FOR 2018 CALVING !!!!!!!  {NOTICE She will be 11Years old in June and we are Offering Her for Sale if anyone is interested}
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YPA LASS LITTLE KITTY 28C AMGV1312862    {A SUPER NICE 75% BALANCER FEMALE}  She is A {RWG Traction 7412} Daughter and out of A {DLW Wardon 24W Of 408} Dam and her Dam is Angus {C R A Bextor 872 5205 608} Daughter.  This Female has A Super Pedigree with Some of the Best Bloodlines in Both Breeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Genomic Tested with SUPER EPD's on this Female and She is Homozygous Polled!!!!!!!!!!!  She has A Very Nice Heifer Calf with {VRT Lazy TV Watchman W021}{JDPD Astro 407S} and {HYEK Black Impact 3960N} on the Sire side. We are getting Genomic Testing done on this Little Female!!!!!!!!!!!   {NOTICE we are Offering her for Sale} SOLD Thanks Chris!!!!