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Once again we need to reduce our herd,so we are offering some of our Top Female's. So if you are looking for A Elite Female that will make a Donor give us a call. {NOTICE} Check our Foundation Female Page as there are more on that page!!!!!!!
YPA UPWARD MISS DOTTIE 34C  AMGV 1323893   A Very Nice Jacked Up Daughter out of A Black Impact Dam.  She is bred to YPA  Black Track Fortune 57D for spring 2018 calving!!!!!!!  Here is an Good Balancer Female with A Super Disposition!!!!!!!!!!!!  {SOLD Thanks Victor & Jane!!!!!!!!!!}
YPA BLACKY KEEPER 45D  AMGV1345882   A Super Nice Purebred  T.V. Sam Daughter out of a RWG Traction 7412  Dam.  She was AI to Secret Sensation 140A43 on May 23rd 2017  then turned in with YPA Black Track Fortune 57D the first of June. Excellent EPD's on this Female. She will be A Great Female!!!!!!!!! {SOLD Thanks Jonathan!!!!}
YPA CHAMPION STAR 43D AMGV1345880  A  Super Nice Balancer {RWG Traction 7412} Daughter  out of a {S A V 8180 Traveler 004} Dam who. Her Grand Dam is the Picture beside her.
She and her Dam are Pictured on our Photo Gallery Page!!!!!!  She is bred to YPA Black Track Fortune 57D for Spring 2018 Calving!Sold
NHF SARA N461 AMAN14779280
A Very Nice "LEACHMAN SAUGAHATCHEE 3000C" Daughter out of a "CHAMPION HILL TECUMSEH" Dam. We are keeping her heifer calf. She is bred back to 43Y for 2015 Spring calving. "SOLD"
YPA  TWO SWEET SUGAR 30C AMGV1313601  We Decided to offer one bred Heifer so we are offering a Very Nice 75% Balancer {RWG Traction 7412} Daughter out of A Tenderloin Dam, She have Excellent EPD's and was Bred 06/07/2016 to {Lazy TV Sam}  SOLD THANKS Chris!!!!!!
YPA LASSIE FORTUNE 44Y-AMGV 1186057  A Very Nice 50% Balancer Cow out of {CAROLINE FORTUNE} and a {BEXTOR} dam , bred to 715T due March 25th 2015 with her third calf. [SOLD] Thanks Doug & Susan !!!
JBV TABITHA 115Y NPF1983239  A Very Nice 2011 Limousin Female that we have been crossing with Gelbvieh. Pictured with her is her 2016 Judge Heifer Calf. We are Offering and her Bull Calf born 03/24/2018 out of our Herd Sire 3B. She Has A SUPER Disposition!!!!!!!!!
YPA FORTUNE LITTLE NUGGET 11B--AMGV1279114   A Very Nice 75% Gelbvieh Open Heifer, out of {ROSCOE} and a {CAROLINE FORTUNE} Daughter. With Excellent EPD's and She is put Together Right. Will Make An Excellent Brood Cow.{SOLD} Thanks Travis !!!
YPA RIGHT LADY MEGGIE 12B--AMGV1279115  A Super Nice 50% Balancer Open Heifer out of {JUDGE} and out of a {LEACHMAN RIGHT TIME} Granddaughter. She will make a Super Nice Thick Brood Cow. with GOOD EPD'S.. Bred to 18B  SOLD THANKS Lexi !!!!!
YPA SARAS CAROLINE 15B--AMGV1282515  A Super Nice 38% Balancer Open Heifer out of our Herd Sire 43Y and out of A {LEACHMAN SAUGAHATCHEE 3000C} Daughter pictured about . Here is your Opportunity { This Is A Elite Individual } She will be An Excellent Female for Your Herd.{BRED to TV SAM}       SOLD THANK Tyler!!!!!!!
YPA CHAMPION GAL 13B -- AMGV1282513   A Super Nice 38% Balancer first calf Heifer with her Balancer Bull calf out of  a Traction Son. This Heifer is out of a 004 Dam and out of our herd sire 43Y. She is  a moderate frame female and is bred to T.V. Sam for 2017 calving. SOLD THANKS Chris!!!!!
YPA MATRICA KITTY 47D AMGA1346248   A Nice 63% Balancer Heifer Calf!!!!!  She is out of our Herd Sire 3B and out of A Great Dam!!!!! We Bred Her to JRI Marshall on May 19th 2017 then turned her in with YPA Black Track Fortune 57D on May 29th 2017. She will make a Very Nice Brood Cow!!!!!!!!!!! {SOLD Thanks Victor & Jane!!!!!!!!!!}
YPA NOBEL TABITHA AMGV1275509   A Very Nice 3 year old {ROSCOE} Daughter out of A Limousin Dam !!!!! She was bred on 06/17/2016 to {DECADE} then turned in with {YPA Royal Traction 3B} from 06/25/2016 thru 10/01/2016     SOLD THANKS Chris!!!!!!!