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Big Prairie, Ohio
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Bulls for Sale

YPA NEW TIME WARDON AMGV1246169 "Balancer"
A Very Nice Wardon son out of a deep rib Leachman Right Time granddaughter. You will be able to use him on heifers. "SOLD"
A Nice Purebred calf out of our Herd Sire that is doing very well.  SOLD!!!!!
YPA FOCUS ALLAINCE 6B AMGV 1277827 "Balancer"
A Very Nice 'YPA ALLAINCE FORTUNE 43Y" Son his Dam is "SINK 107Y2"SOLD"
​Thanks to the Ogis on Their Second Bull.
YPA BECTOR TRACTION 9B AMGV 1278318 "Balancer"
A Very Nice "RWG Traction 7412" Son out of a Super Nice "BEXTOR" Dam. with Excellent EPD'S "Calving Ease Deluxe" [Sold] Thanks, Jeffrey & Connie.
A VERY NICE Balancer with Lots of Muscle and Thickness out of 715T. A REAL POWERHOUSE with Excellent EPD's "SOLD"
A Nice Purebred Gelbvieh out of Carolina Fortune. HE IS SOLD!!!! Thanks David
YPA ROYAL TRACTION 3B AMGV1275511 "Balancer"
A Super Nice "RWG Traction 7412" Son out of 
"Ver MS Prissy 2184Z ET" a Leachman 
Saugahatchee 3000C Dam "He will be Our New Herd Sire" !!!!

We have A Very Nice 2017 Calf  crop.{NOTICE} there are more that are not posted yet. To check out these bulls EPD's Click on their Reg. Number that is Highlighted. For more information Please Call 330-231-0339
Our first Red Bull Calf . He is a Real Power House his Dam is the first female on the Foundation-Female page and his Sire is The Judge on our Herd Sire Page [SOLD] THANKS TO {Hobby Hill Angus} ON THEIR THIRD BULL PURCHASE!!!!
A Very Nice Purebred "RWG Traction 7412" Son out of a Black Impulse Dam "KJSG Ohio MV Polled Tootsie. [SOLD] Thanks to the Jones.
YPA ROLEX ROSCOE 40D AMGV1345878      Born 02/24/2016 A VERY NICE {ROSCOE} SON out of an {ASTRO} Daughter . He is a Purebred Gelbvieh with a 80 lb. birth weight that will be {A SUPER NICE HERD SIRE}. We will be retaining 50% semen interest on him. {Genomic enhanced EPD's} Homozygous Polled and Dilutor Free With EXCELLENT EPD's !!!!!!!
{SOLD THANKS Dan "Wildwood Acres Gelbvieh"}
A Very Nice Thick Bull that will make a Super Nice Herd Sire. He Sire is JUDGE and is Dam is Y102.
Sire can be seen on Herd Sire page and Dam can be seen on Foundation Female Page.{NOTICE} This Bull was semen tested and is EXCELLENT 95% Motility & Normal with a 42 cm Scrotal!!!!!
{SOLD} Thanks Travis !!!!
YPA  BLACK TRACTION KINGPIN 72E  AMGV1382141     {Genomic Tested and Homozygous Polled}
"A Super Nice Traction Son out of a {DLW Wardon 24W Of 408} Dam. A Super Quiet Calf. He is A 75% Balancer. He Will Make A Very Nice Herd Sire!!!!!!!!!!!   His Full Sister is {YPA Lass Little Kitty 28C} an is pictured on [Our Foundation Female Page} {SOLD}

AMGV1362315 YPA ROLEX TV SAM 62D   A Very Nice Purebred {VRT Lazy TV Sam U451} son out of an  ASTRO + Black Impact Dam.
He is a 2016 Fall Calf born Sept. 6th 2016  He will make Very Nice Calving Ease Herd Sire that can be used on Heifers. His weight from birth to weaning was gained on moms milk grass and grass hay with no grain. {SOLD Thanks to the Troyer's, this is their Second Bull !!!!} 
 YPA DECADE CHAMPION 63E AMGV1381133    A Very Nice 50% Balancer Bull Calf. His Sire is {CIRS Decade 278U2} and his Dam is A {S A V  8180 Traveler 004}  Daughter and Her Dam is A {Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C} Daughter!!!! Nice Bloodlines on this Bull Calf and his Dam has A Very Nice Udder and Teats!!!!!!!!  Great Herd Sire Prospect!! {SOLD Thanks Jeffrey & Ashley on your Second Bull He is A Nice one!!!!!!!!!!} 
YPA TRACTION NEW TIME 51D AMGV1347620  A Very Nice 50% Balancer { RWG Traction 7412} son out of a Vey Nice Vermilion Dateline 7078 Granddaughter for his Dam. He will Make A Very Nice Herd Sire !!!!!   {SOLD THANKS Bob}
YPA DECADE RED MAN 64E AMGV1381134  A Very Nice 75% Balancer {CIRS DECADE 278U2} son with An Excellent Disposition that will make A Nice Herd Sire!!!!! His Dam has A Super Disposition . He has a twin brother that is Black!!!! We have Seven Very Nice 2017 Bull Calves. Decade, TV Sam, Traction  Sons  You can look at all our calves EPD's  starting at {YPA 61E}
{SOLD Thanks to Hobby Hill Angus on their Fifth Bull you got A Very Nice One!!!!!!!!!!!}
YPA DECADE BUSTER 65E    AND      YPA DECADE CHAMPION 63E      Two Very Nice {CIRS DECADE 278U2} Bull calves!!!!!
65E is the one on the left and is a Twin with 64E Red calf Pictured above.  63E is the calf on the right out of a Traveler 004 Dam.
YPA IMPULSE TRACK JACK 73E AMGV1383951  {A SUPER NICE PUREBRED BULL CALF out of The Great Tootsie Cow}  Great EPD's on this calf, Genomic Tested Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled. His Dam has A Super Disposition which is pasted on to her calves.     
YPA DECADE BUSTER 65E AMGV1381135    {A VERY NICE 75%  BALANCER  with A Super Disposition . His Sire is CIRS Decade 278U2 and his Dam  is a Mytty In Focus Granddaughter.  He is a twin with 64E pictured above.   He will  make A Super Herd Sire!!!!!!!   Ever Bull out of his Dam is A Herd Sire!!!!!!!!!! SOLD THANKS Brad & Brenda!!!!!!!!!